The Sheeptown Players Carnage Caverns Halloween event is thanking attendees for their generous donations and screams.
As brave souls walked out laughing or screaming, it was clear the fifth annual walk-through event was a success.
"This year, we were lucky enough to get a great indoor location on 88 Ave that was creepy, even without decorations in it," said coordinator Melanie Green.
The event took place on Friday (October 28) and Saturday (October 29).
"Our favourite thing to do is to build this stuff out of basically garbage, making props out of old masks and things like that," explains Green. "Most of the stuff we have is built out of things we had laying around, all of the walls were basically garbage bags."
About 400 people worked up the courage and walked through the Caverns, raising roughly $1600 and 500 pounds of food, all going to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank.