Carbon monoxide is often referred to as a silent killer, It’s an odourless, colourless and toxic gas, and in an enclosed space, such as a home or garage, even a small amount can cause serious illness or death. Carbon monoxide awareness week runs from November 1st to 7th and during this week people are reminded of the following tips. Albertans are asked to check their carbon monoxide alarms, test alarms once a month, replace batteries once a year, if applicable, vacuum alarms regularly, and replace alarms every seven to 10 years, according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Carbon monoxide is produced through the incomplete combustion of a fuel. This can occur when a fuel-burning appliance, for example, your furnace is not properly maintained, a vent is blocked or damaged, or a vehicle is left running in an attached garage, even with the overhead door open, this is particularly important now that winter is coming. Carbon monoxide alarms provide the only warning of dangerous carbon monoxide gases in your home. Make sure you have a working carbon monoxide alarm, or combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, on every level of your home