A car caught fire yesterday (July 14) on Highway 825, near the bridge over the North Saskatchewan River. 

Erin and Tara Pawlechko, long-time residents of Fort Saskatchewan, were driving southbound around 5:30 p.m. when they noticed smoke rising down the road.

"I was pulling up and I was like oh, [the smoke is] getting bigger. We noticed the vehicle on the side, it was engulfed in flames," explained Tara.

Sturgeon County emergency services said there were four passengers at the time and they all made it out unharmed.

"We went past and we pulled off to the right, in front of it. [Erin] had her phone about to call 9-1-1 and I looked in my review mirror and that's when I saw the firetrucks."

The two stopped and told people working on the bridge about the fire. Shortly after emergency crews blocked off the road. The fire was put out in about 30 minutes.

It is believed to have begun as a mechanical issue.