Let's talk Thanksgiving meals. 
There are several kinds of holiday eaters in this world; there are the picky eaters that are satisfied eating only one or two items from the holiday menu.
Others enjoy testing grandma's fine china, taking from every bowl on the table, stacking each item one on top of another until a tall volcano made out of salad, potatoes, turkey, and buns is then smothered in gravy.
There are the ones who don't like food items to "touch." They don't like gravy on everything and enjoy trying a little bit of each thing -- these are my people.
Lastly, there's going to be those who ask for ketchup... but we're not going to talk about those psychos.
Wherever you gather to enjoy your holiday meal this weekend, make sure to compliment the food, enjoy the company and count those blessings.
One of those blessings being how all types of eaters will surround your Thanksgiving table; just try not to give the person with the divided plate too much of a hard time. Those things are hard to find!  
Happy Thanksgiving!