It was a great weekend for the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank!

The Servus Credit Union Spring Food Drive went on Saturday (April 1) and Sunday (April 2) with resounding success. 

"The fact that so many people helped us make this happen over the two days is a big deal," said Kassandra Gartner, the executive director of the food bank. "The volunteer support that made it happen together with the generosity of our community was just really special."  

Here is a breakdown of the numbers that the food bank saw: 

  • $38,487.90 worth of food donated
  • 12,000lbs of food collected
  • $7,000 raised 
  • 326 volunteer hours
  • 128 community volunteers
  • Five participating grocery stores
  • Two days filled with exceptional community support

The event was put on to help the food bank deal with a variety of issues including, but not limited to, rising food costs across the country

"12,000lbs of food is a lot, but we also go through a lot of food every month," said Gartner. "This will help us for the next month or two." 

With how successful the event did in its first year, Gartner is sure it will make a return next Spring. 

"We are really happy; we think it was definitely worth it. This is something we will definitely be planning for next year as well." 

The event took place at all grocery stores in the city. 

"We are really grateful for our sponsors that enabled the event to happen." 

To learn more about the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank and to donate, click here