Fans of the snack food Bugles are in for a disappointment.

On November 14, the official Bugles Twitter account confirmed that their products are no longer available in Canada.

Bugles are known for their cone-shaped appearance, commonly used by fans of the snack as "finger hats". Bugles are also a common ingredient in "Nuts n' Bolts", a roasted snack mix usually served around Christmas time.

Carmen Randell, a resident of Fort Saskatchewan, says that she hasn't had Bugles in years.

"They are very nostalgic. I remember eating them a lot when I was a teenager, but now that I'm older they're just very salty."

Bugles were discontinued once before in 2010 due to a lack of demand. They were brought back the next year, and some assume that the snack might not be off store shelves for very long.

"I'm sure they'll make an appearance again," Randell said.