It was a challenging task that required all hands on deck in Bruderheim.
On Wednesday (Feb.20), crews were forced to shut off the town's water supply for an hour as they worked to repair a broken connection on the main water distribution line.
Prior to making the fix, they spent an additional five hours digging before they were able to locate and diagnose the issue.
"It was a very difficult excavation because we had a gas line and the regional water line right next to us, so quite a bit of infrastructure was in the way to access our line," said Dennis Tomuschat, director of public works in Bruderheim.
However, with the help of Strathcona County's utilities department and many others, the break was repaired and pressure was restored to the town's lines about three hours after the water outage.
"That's what this is all about mutual aid is getting bigger and bigger in Alberta, especially when it comes to emergency services," Tomuschat added. "It's a very important initiative that I think most municipalities in the province have really taken a handle onand it's really good to know our neighbours are there when we need them."
The break was the result of improper backfilling years ago, which ultimately caused the line to sag and crack under the pressure of a thick layer of frost.