Bruderheim is working toward a sustainable future. 
In early August, the town of Bruderheim recognized a grant from the provincial government to support the town’s community garden project. The grant, totalling $11,850, was a partnership between the town and the Bruderheim Agricultural Society.
The idea for the Galactic Gardens came out of the concept of food sustainability, growing food and bringing the community together by caring for and maintaining the gardens, according to Sherry Cote, director of development and legislative services in Bruderheim. 
“Food sustainability is something that everybody should be worrying about,” Cote explained. “We had the funds, fortunately, to actually make it a nice garden that will be sustainable.” 
The grant funding built the raised flowerbeds, a tool shed, and a small shelter which will eventually be used as a space to teach gardening techniques and provide lessons on food sustainability as the space evolves.  
At the Galactic Gardens near the skatepark, members of the Bruderheim Ag Society hope to host lessons on things like canning fruits grown in your garden. 
The Ag Society currently maintains the gardens; however, they hope to eventually build a community where people are able to plant and maintain parts of the garden on their own. Eventually, they hope to add rows of fruit trees and bushes behind the garden plot in the field. 
Director of the Bruderheim Ag Society, Bob Cote, has maintained the gardens all summer, stopping by almost daily to keep up with watering during an exceptionally hot season. On hot days, Bob visits first thing in the morning or late at night to give the plants a chance to adapt to the cold water. Despite the sweltering summer days, the gardens are teeming with produce like squash, peas, and carrots.
“It really came out, started slow, but everything came out looking good,” he said.  
Produce grown from the Galactic Gardens will go to the Lamont County Food Bank and Bruderheim residents needing food assistance.