Local business owners have taken a major hit from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Some have had to lay off employees, others have had to close their doors, but a few are finding new ways to continue operating.
Glenn Nielsen, a music instructor who works from his home in Bruderheim, has been able to move his lessons online.
Students who want to continue learning while in quarantine are getting lessons through a video chat.
“With my style of teaching that works really well anyways,” said Nielsen. “We just do a lot more composition, learning about music, fun ways to apply that at home and it’s worked out really well.”
Nielsen says that technology has come far enough that there are no problems with latency during the lesson. In fact, there are even advantages to this new method.
“Families can all be on their own devices in their own rooms (taking a group lesson) at the same time.”
Since everyone is locked in their home self-isolating, Nielsen believes now is the perfect time to learn a new skill.
“There’s high stress right now, we’re all kind of on edge. Having something that’s fun, something that’s rewarding, this is the perfect time to pick up something new.”
A family from Fort Saskatchewan that take lessons with Nielsen have recently been posting videos to social media while in self-isolation.
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