It's been a challenging construction season for a project near Bruderheim.
Last year, the Canadian Rockies Hemp Corporation announced they purchased a 75 acre of land just north of Bruderheim to build a new hemp processing facility. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, there have been hurdles during construction which caused them to fall about six months behind schedule.
The main issues were the rain during the summer, a drainage problem with the land (forcing the company to build four storm water ponds), getting licenses and permits approved by the provincial government and having to adapt their financial plan.
"If one thing's delayed, that just has a domino effect. It seems to be all on track now, but it was definitely a mix of a bunch of things that contributed to delays," said CEO Aaron Barr.
Construction is about 75 per cent finished. Power has just been brought to the site, which is allowing farmers to start bringing in bales.
Another building is being added to the site for storage. The building will be a substitute for silos, being cheaper and more efficient.
They hope to be operational by the beginning of summer and complete all construction projects towards the end.
"In the next year or two, we're going to be putting in a turning lane on Highway 45 into our property. There'll be a bunch of things; upgrade infrastructure, bringing in high-speed internet, bringing in city water, bringing in more power capacity," added Barr.
The price of the project has almost doubled from the original estimate, now costing nearly $20-million.
They will be looking to employ upwards of 70 full-time employees for when the site is operational.
A new hemp facility is going to be operating just north of Bruderheim.