Growing plants without soil?
Hydroponics is a method of growing plants that involves placing roots in nutrient rich water.
It's a great way to grow fresh produce all year round, according to Nadine Stielow, owner of Thiel's Greenhouses in Bruderheim. 
"For us here in our climate it means we can grow year round in a very efficient system that produces a lot of product on a year round basis," Stielow said. 
The planting method is practiced all over the world, but Thiel's Greenhouses is the only business like it around Bruderheim.
"Ours is unique to our area because we don't currently have a hydroponic grower right within this area of Bruderheim, Lamont County — on this side of Fort Saskatchewan," Stielow added. 
Every spring, the facility offers many different types of plants and gardening accessories, as well as local workshops and events. They also take pride in not using pesticides or chemicals. 
According to their website, they "use good bugs to get the bad ones." 
After having a successful talk at Cultivate '19 in Columbus, Ohio, Stielow says that she plans to speak at other horticultural conferences in the near future. 
"I'm very passionate about what I do and when I champion something and believe in something, I do want to share it with others," she said. "It just takes me back to what I think is very sustainable and where I want to move forward." 
Stielow will be speaking at both Saskatchewan and Alberta Green Industry shows in November.