A Bruderheim business has a new sign that is out of this world!
Gord Sheehan, the owner of Shirgor Enterprises Inc. — a local construction and landscaping business — recently added a new addition to the sign for his business on 52 Avenue in Bruderheim.
The town gained notoriety in 1960 after the largest recovered meteorite in Canada struck nearby, so when Sheehan saw the flying saucer and aliens at a warehouse sale, he knew they would be perfect. 
"When I [saw] it, my mind went 'Boom! There's my sign.'"
The extraterrestrial memorabilia apparently came from a theatre in Calgary and was designed in the 1960s.
The sign has been a big hit, receiving promotion from the Town of Bruderheim, and is starting to become a popular photo spot. 
"There are people stopping on the street now and taking pictures with it," Sheehan added. "So this summer, we thought we might put a little picnic table there and rope an area off, where they can stop and have lunch with the aliens."
That's not all he has planned, Sheehan also mentioned he has more memorabilia he plans to put out this summer. 
"Inside of our buildings, we have rockets that are 20 feet long and made out of plastic and they hang off the top of the shop." 
More pieces will apparently be added to road signs along Highway 830 and Highway 15, which will direct people to the saucer.