Bon Accord is saying goodbye to a relic of the past.  

The town's remaining payphone is to be removed due to a lack of usage. The payphone is located at the former Moonlight Hotel, now home to the Winchester Tavern and Golden City Bistro. 

“Maybe sad for some and not so much for others, Bon Accord’s last payphone will be hanging up forever,” said mayor Brian Holden.  

As the Moonlight Hotel shut down some years ago, Holden explained the payphone was inaccessible.  

“Many folks in town didn’t know there was a payphone at the hotel, and many youths don’t know what a payphone is. So, this may sound a little nostalgic, but it’s time to say goodbye.” 

This comes as other communities around the region ditch their payphones due to similar circumstances. Earlier this year, the City of St. Albert removed its remaining payphone.