Bob Bidney really knows how to capture a moment.
The Bon Accord photographer usually tries to go out three to five times a week with his camera.
"Being retired, most days I've got nothing to do and all day to it in. So I just hop in the truck and away I go," Bidney explained.
His favourite photos are of birds. Around four years ago, Bidney met a man who introduced him to Cornell University’s eBird program, a citizen science project collecting bird information from contributors around the world.
Some of his most recent adventures caught pictures of snowy owls and a northern shrike. One of his favourite pictures is of the male ring-necked pheasant, which he described as "probably the most beautiful bird in Alberta."
Bidney's skill with the camera has piqued the interest of many. He said people and businesses come up to him all the time asking if he sells his photos, which he often will gift for free.
"I really enjoy sharing it to others. A lot of people can't get out for whatever reason," he said. "I'm just glad to share them."
Bidney has been taking pictures of wildlife for about 30 years.
He also caught a lynx on camera by Elk Island National Park in October of last year.