Air quality will now be monitored in Bon Accord.

Fort Air Partnership's first portable continuous air monitoring station is now running in the Town of Bon Accord.
"Having a portable air monitoring station is important because it enables us to monitor air quality in areas previously under served, as well as respond to emerging issues," said executive director Nadine Blaney.

In addition to weather information, the station is collecting and reporting data on seven substances: sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide, nitric oxide, nitrogen dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, ozone and particulate matter. This data is used to calculate the current and forecasted Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) for the area.
Bon Accord was selected as the site for the portable station because of the community size and interest from municipal officials to learn more about local air quality.

The portable station will be in Bon Accord for at least six months before being moved to another location.
"The Town of Bon Accord was very helpful in securing the property and we thank them for providing the site to us at no charge," said Blaney.
Fort Air Partnership now has 10 continuous air monitoring stations in and around Alberta's industrial heartland.