Grade five and six students at Gibbons School can now burn off some energy while doing school work.
The school has introduced fit desks, they're stationary bicycles with a attachment on the handlebars (which works as a desktop).
"We're a bring your own device school, students can put their device, papers or textbooks on the desktop and be cycling as class is happening," principal Kristine Wilkinson noted.
The school received the desks just after spring break.
"It's really nice students have all these options, especially for those who have trouble sitting at their desk.  Kids are at their desks for up to two-thirds of their day."
Gibbons School were able to purchase the desks thanks to a provincial grant.
"Many students and staff were drawn to the stand up stations," Wilkinson said, "one of my teachers saw the cycle-desks and emailed me saying we should try a few of these in the elementary end." 
The workstations remain quite popular among students.
"Teachers have a variety of ways they're introducing the workstations because there is one workstation in each classroom. Teachers could use a point system, picking students they feel the workstation would work best for them or having students use the cycle a certain amount of minutes a day."
Biking and school work remains a pilot project. They're hoping to do more research into if they need more stations, or if the stations could better benefit different age groups.
Pictures below show grade six students Brooklyn Finnerty, Helene Ozipko, Saige Robinson, Thomas Morlock and Jacob Turgeon.