The Fort Saskatchewan BGC is hoping to bring back its mentorship program, they just need the volunteers.

BGC used to have two different types of mentorship programs. One of them was called 'Be A Buddy', which took place all around the community. The other was an in-school program.

"Both programs have a mentor who is carefully screened and matched to a child based on interests and personality factors," said Tammy Plamondon, volunteer coordinator at BGC. "All mentors are chosen for their willingness to be a positive influence and to spend time doing fun things with a child or youth."

Plamondon said that the COVID-19 pandemic threw a wrench into their mentorship program.

"Most of the mentoring just dissolved over the pandemic. A couple of them managed to stay in contact virtually."

Now that people are more comfortable meeting in-person again, Plamondon wants to start the mentorship program back up.

"We're looking at a third option mentoring in a group setting," Plamondon said. "This option may suit people who aren't able to give a weekly commitment, or who enjoy meeting several kids at once."

The requirements to become a mentor are a clean criminal record check and a child intervention check, alongside a minimum of one-to-three-hour commitment per week, and a long-term commitment of one year.

"Think of your own childhood. Whether or not you had someone in your corner that took a special interest in you, you probably are where you are in life today in large part as a result of whether that happened or not."

If you're interested in joining the mentorship program, you can get an application form at the BGC on 93 Avenue, across the street from the Fire Department.