A week after the Betty White Challenge, local rescue organizations feel the love. 

Last Monday (Jan.17) marked the would-have-been 100th birthday of the late actress Betty White, who passed away on Dec.31. White was an avid animal lover, and to honour her birthday, the #BettyWhiteChallenge made its way around the internet. 

The challenge was to donate at least $5 to a local animal shelter, which turned out to be a massive success. The Alberta Homeward Hound Rescue Bureau, which serves Fort Saskatchewan, Strathcona County and surrounding areas, explained they were able to pay for veterinary care for a rescue dog as a result. 

"The challenge was so great for us! We raised $3,400 in donations! We are very grateful," the rescue organization stated. 

Organizations across the region saw similar success with the challenge. The Edmonton Humane Society raised approximately $60,000 on Betty White's birthday.