Before switching the thermostat from heat to cool, make sure your air conditioning unit is ready for summer.
After sitting idle all winter, AC units need a little bit of TLC before battling the hot summer days.
"If things are plugged, then you're wasting energy," said Dale Robertson, owner of Robertson's Plumbing.
AC owners should ensure the coils and condenser are both clean and free of surrounding debris to prevent overheating. A coil overheating can burn a motor out and a condenser being plugged can burn out the compressor outside, rendering the unit useless.
"If you have air conditioning, you want to make sure you replace that filter," added Robertson. "You should change that filter probably twice per year."
Coolant lines should be inspected for damage. If there is damage to the protective foam insulation, replacement is easy with new foam insulation tubes and a utility knife.
To test the AC unit, turn the thermostat off and disconnect the power at the disconnect box or the breaker panel. Turn the thermostat to cool, then flip the power back on.
With the AC unit cleaned up and inspected by qualified technicians like those at Robertson's Plumbing, the AC unit will be ready to prevent those longings of the cooler fall and winter days.