The Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) has some tips for farmers before they hit the road this spring with large machinery.

Rob Gobeil is an Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist.

"Try to ensure that our tires and equipment are as clean as possible before entering public roadways, even if we spend five minutes taking off mud chunks off our equipment before hitting the highway," he said. "That can save a situation for a motorist behind the tractor. Make sure we have good operating condition for our equipment. Make sure our lights are working, including our four-way flashers and turning signals and making sure that we have our slow moving vehicle signs clearly visible for the motorists approaching."

Gobeil also had some advice for motorists who might encounter large machinery on the roads this spring.

"Just keep in mind that they are slower moving vehicles than highway speeds. We definitely approach much quicker at highway speeds than we anticipate. Brake early, be patient and watch out for left had turns, which are a major issue with equipment on the roadways. If a tractor veers right, there's a good chance they're going to turn left. Often people mistake that for pulling over and flagging someone to pass. That is usually not the case."

Gobeil reminds us that National Road Safety Week takes place May 18-24.