The City of Fort Saskatchewan is reminding residents that barking dogs could result in hefty fines. 

In a release earlier this week, the city mentioned limitations in the local animal control bylaw that involves barking dogs. 

"Dogs bark, it’s what they do naturally," said the city in the release. "However, it can become excessive if it persists for a long period of time." 

First-time offenders face a penalty of $150, while repeat offences double that penalty to $300. 

But what exactly does excessive barking mean? 

According to the bylaw, the city considers the location of the people filing complaints, the length of the barking, and the time of day and week. 

These fines are not limited to nuisance or restricted dogs and can be issued to a pet that has never had a previous run-in with local municipal enforcement. 

Excessive meowing from a cat can also result in a fine. 

To help avoid these penalties, the city suggests taking advantage of their sprawling trail system or maybe taking your dog out to the off-leash park. 

To read the entire animal control bylaw, click here