A local musician is making waves in the music industry.
Folk singer and songwriter Joe Nolan started writing and playing music when he was about 15 years old. At first, he performed only for himself, but after playing for a while in the Edmonton music scene, he was on his way to becoming an award-winning artist.
For more than a decade, Nolan has been a notable songwriter in the music industry. His first two albums were made in Nashville with producer and Canadian guitarist Colin Linden. In 2018, he released his album Cry Baby, followed by Drifters in May 2020.
Nolan was on a hot streak, and then, COVID-19 hit. Instead of getting beat down, he found inspiration in the isolation the pandemic brought on. His latest album, Scrapper, was written and recorded mainly during the height of the pandemic.
“It was a real neat project to do because I’ve never had that much time not being on the road or not touring, so it was kind of a perfect time to make an album,” he explained.
The album, produced by Riverdale Records out of Edmonton, covers themes such as loneliness on the road, the struggle of not having a rooted home, and the misunderstandings separating friends and lovers.
Scrapper was released on October 15 and is available on Spotify and Apple Music.
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