There is a fire ban in place for Fort Saskatchewan and many surrounding communities.

MIX 107 spoke with Fort Saskatchewan's fire chief Todd Martens about what is and isn’t permitted.

"When we put on a ban, that normally is banning anything that you're using for recreational fire pits. All permits are revoked, fireworks, that kind of stuff," said Martens.

As for what is allowed, it comes down to whether or not there's combustion, and if the appliance can be turned off.

Here is what is allowed during the fire ban: 

  • Propane/natural gas barbecues
  • Propane/natural gas appliances such as fire tables, heaters and torches
  • Electric appliances such as smokers

"If you're using anything for cooking that you can turn off, like a fire table hooked up to propane, a natural gas barbecue, or an electric smoker, they're still permitted for cooking," said Martens. "Those are about the only things that are allowed."

Here is what isn't allowed during the fire ban:

  • Firepits
  • Open fires
  • Charcoal/pellet barbecues
  • Burn barrels
  • Incinerators
  • Exploding targets
  • Fireworks

Fines are in place for disobeying the fire bans.