The Sheeptown Players have been hard at work the past couple of weeks on their annual Murder Mystery performance.
“Rehearsals are going awesome.” explained Tim Kubasek, who plays Hamilton in the show. “I feel we got a lot more energy and people are really taking in their characters and working well together. I’m really looking forward to this year’s (performance) because it feels like things are clicking really well.”
The troupe is bringing life to the show 'Murder on the Lust Boat' and it's up to the audience to determine who committed the crime.
“It’s a really fun group of people,” said Jackie Denomey, who plays Caprice, a housewife obsessed with money and absolutely despises her husband. 
“There is a lot of good energy.”
Murder Mystery performances are an annual fundraising event for the Sheeptown Players, and is completely volunteer based. All cast and crew are from Fort Saskatchewan or surrounding communities.
“It’s absolutely amazing to see the talent we have in the community come together to do the show,” comments director Stuart McGowan. 
Performance dates are May 6 and 7 at the Ross Creek Room at Lakeview Inn and Suites.
Tickets are $50 (including dinner and the show), they're available at Co-op, Twice but Nice, Sharper Images and Lakeview Inn and Suites. For more information call (780) 999-6844, email or check out the group's Facebook page.