It's that time of year again for Fort Saskatchewan's annual Toxic Waste Round-Up event.

One day every year, residents are able to drop off their hazardous waste and electronics for free at the Public Works Yard on 88 Avenue from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

This year, the event will go on Sept. 24. 

From household chemicals like disinfectants, bleach, and pesticides, to items such as empty propane bottles and batteries, the safe disposal of hazardous waste helps reduce a carbon footprint and stay environmentally friendly.

It should be noted that this toxic round-up is restricted to hazardous waste from homes, so items from businesses will not be accepted. Ammunition or fireworks are also not allowed.

Those looking to drop off oil must also drop off the containers they come in, staff will not accept oil without a container.

Other towns are also hosting their own hazardous roundups, with Gibbons hosting theirs on Oct. 1.