Amanda Milke is a prolific artist from Fort Saskatchewan who has her work on display at the Dow Centennial Centre.

Milke's newest exhibit, 'Unity in Diversity', shows how our community shows something that's beautiful and unique. 

"You don't have to be like your neighbour," Milke said. "Each individual piece is just like how each individual person forms a community."

Milke has been making art since she was a teenager, even painting throughout university as she acquired her degree in humanities.

Milke calls herself a mixed media artist, using a variety of materials and mediums to convey a vast range of emotions and feelings.

"I like to say that it's everything but the kitchen sink," Milke laughed.

Milke is also the president of the Fort Saskatchewan Art Society, teaching community art classes, and even doing talks at schools around the area.

"I'm big for the community, so I really wanted to invite the community into this conversation about unity and diversity."

As for advice to give local aspiring artists, Milke said to avoid social media.

"Figure out who you are first, because it can be very overwhelming when you get flooded with what everyone's doing, and that can really chip away at your ego." 

Some of the art you can find at Milke's exhibit include her newest experiment, 'fibre art', which is inspired by the topography of cities and bacteria.

The exhibit will be able to be seen until February 21.