This poor sheep might be next on the list for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Photo by Andrew Nakonechny

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been issued and accepted!

Mayor Gale Katchur came on the Morning show Monday to talk about accepting the challenge to pour ice cold water on her head.  I've also accepted the challenge from Mayor Katchur, Chris MacIntyre and the great people from Associated Telecom in Fort Saskatchewan to do the same good deed.

So This Thursday, 5pm during the Fort Saskatchewan Farmer's Market, Mayor Katchur and I will complete the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

As a bonus to the challenge, we challenge you to make a donation! 

We're taking bids on whom will have the honours of pouring water on Mayor Katchur and I!  Highest donation will win the opportunity to pour the ice cold water buckets on Thursday!

If you're making a donation to bid on pouring the water, let me know through Facebook, Twitter or email

Donations can be made at

Here are a couple of my favourite Ice Bucket Challenge Videos.