After the shock and tragedy that hit the quiet neighbourhood of Alderson Close, neighbours in the small cul-de-sac have come together to help each other heal. Residents want to show the family of Colleen Stillito she will not be forgotten and that the neighbourhood is there for them and her children. On October 4th the neighbourhood came together and lined the street with purple ribbon in Stillitos honor. Flowers and candles can be seen on the driveway of the home as a reminder of the woman many loved. It has been hard for many neighbours to come to terms with the shocking events that unfolded on the early morning of October 4th. Neighbour Deanna Morin comments on the ribbons by saying, "We decided to put up ribbons to remember Collen, not the tragedy that happened here."

The events that unfolded Friday morning have shook the quiet community of the Fort but shines a brighter light on domestic violence. November will be Family Violence Provention month, in 1986 as a local initiative in the town of Hinton, where concerned residents launched a family violence education and prevention campaign. These problems which many keep silent about although it is a very serious issue with sometimes serious outcomes.

Although for now the purple ribbons can only been seen on Alderson Close to remember a local mother and neighbour, residents of the street would like to see the efforts expand throughout the Fort to bring awareness to domestic violence and the many women and men that have lost their lives do to this issue. For more information click HERE