Sponsored content: Considering the high cost of replacing the RCMP in Alberta with a new provincial police force, there is little compelling evidence that the move will improve the safety and well-being of Albertans.  

In fact, there are at least 550-million reasons to keep the Alberta RCMP.  

Kevin Halwa is the Regional Director for the Prairie Region of the National Police Federation (NPF), and he indicates that, according to the Government of Alberta’s own projections, it would cost Albertans in excess of $550 million to transition to a provincial police service.  

That figure — to be borne solely by Alberta taxpayers — is based on transition costs, lost federal funding as well as increased operational costs.  

Halwa points out that a significant number of municipalities across the province support our campaign and are pushing back on the provincial government’s plan to proceed. 

"There’s very little appetite from Alberta taxpayers to move towards this costly proposal.”  

According to the latest survey conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights in July, 84 per cent of Albertans want to keep the RCMP and only nine per cent support the proposed transition.   

“Albertans are very much squarely in the corner of keeping the RCMP,” he notes. “They’re very happy with the policing services, and bang for the buck that they get now.”  

Halwa admits there is room for improvement in the current service to meet the evolving needs of Albertans.

“Alberta has the ability to make changes and improvements to budgets, priorities, and staffing levels under the current agreement,” he said.   

Halwa believes the real agenda for the proposal is likely the current Alberta government’s ongoing effort to leverage more from the federal government. However, the battle cry of Alberta sovereignty appears to be drowning out any voices of reason.  

He encourages everyone to get informed and get involved at www.keepalbertarcmp.ca.