I didn't realize we required one, but we're looking for the one perfect song that suits Alberta.

It's the latest trend making its rounds on social media, and our neighbours to the west have run with it.

After a Twitter vote, residents of British Columbia unofficially announced their provincial song as "Home for a Rest" by Spirit of the West and is said to "best represent B.C." as a province.

It could have been worse... Raffi's "Beluga Whale" was also in the running.

So, this social media brouhaha got me thinking, what is Alberta's song?

A quick Google search will tell you there are hundreds of songs about our province -- we're just a little obsessed with our Alberta selves.

I mean, who hasn't sung  "Alberta Bound"? ...I'm waiting.

Anyway, I'm not sure I could narrow it down to just one, to be honest, so instead, I'm going to leave a list of a few favourites. Let's call it the "Alberta MIXed tape".

Sweet City Woman - The Stampeders

Alberta Rose - Stompin Tom Connors

Alberta Bound - Paul Brandt

Tornado '87 - The Rural Alberta Advantage

The Oils Back in Town - Corb Lund

Alberta's Child -  Ian Tyson

Working for the weekend - Loverboy

****Anything by Nickelback ****

- Kimberly