Now that the snow's gone, the motorcycles are taking back to the streets once again.

Alberta had over 200 collisions involving motorcycles last year, with 20 in May alone. The Alberta RCMP has a few tips to help reduce motorcycle collisions for 2022.

These tips include wearing proper riding equipment, performing a pre-ride check on your motorcycle, staying in sight of surrounding vehicles, and keeping a moderate distance from other drivers.

One of the most important tips is advising against speeding. Since motorcycles have less control than four-wheelers, the RCMP suggests slowing down on unfamiliar roadways and never driving faster than you're comfortable with.

This advice applies to four-wheel drivers as well. The RCMP suggests that drivers keep an eye out for motorcyclists, as their small size can be easy to miss on the road. 

“Both regular motorists and motorcyclists have certain responsibilities out on the roads,” said Inspector Chris Romanchych of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services. “Two wheels or four wheels, we all have a role to play in upholding traffic safety on our streets and highways. Together we can make this motorcycle season a safe one.”

They also suggest regular blind spot checks and keeping a distance from motorcyclists due to their slower stopping speed.