There were a lot of babies born in Alberta last year and with that came many new names to keep track of. 

The province recently released a list of all the names given to newborns for both boys and girls. 

Here are the 10 most popular boy names last year: 

1. Noah (229) 

2. Liam (176) 

3. Theodore (173) 

4. Oliver (172) 

5. Jack (159) 

6. William (146) 

7. Benjamin (138)

8. James (138) 

9. Henry (136) 

10. Lucas (135) 

This is the fourth year in a row that Noah has taken the top spot. Ethan, which fell off the list this year, holds the record for most consecutive years at the top spot at nine (2001-2009). 

Some of the more unique boy names included Fourth, December, Billionaire, Despot, Volcanic, and Excellent. 

On the girl side of things, the top 10 looks like this: 

1. Olivia (192)

2. Sophia (151)

3. Emma (149) 

4. Amelia (133)

5. Harper (125) 

6. Charlotte (117) 

7. Ava (115) 

8. Isla (101) 

9. Lily (100) 

10. Chloe (92) 

2022 marks the 10th straight year that Olivia has been the most popular girl name in Alberta. That name holds the streak for the longest at the top spot. Jessica is second as it had a six-year run between 1990 and 1995. 

The girls were also subject to some rather creative names as well, such as Heaven-Fire, Queen, Seven, Turquoise, and Scotland. 

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