A long-time Strathcona County resident wants to make some changes.
Albert Biel has lived in the community for about 23 years. He is a consulting engineer, owns his own company, and has spent decades working in Strathcona County. This means he also has a lot of experience dealing with the bureaucratic challenges that come with bringing projects to the community.
He decided to run in the mayoral election to improve the system to make it quicker and easier to get permits through council as well as more cost-efficient through actions like deregulating some bylaws.
"I've heard this from a contractor myself, that if he bids on a landscaping contract in Strathcona County, he puts in twice as much money as for Leduc County or Sturgeon County. Mostly because of the hassles that he has to go through as a contractor," Biel explained.
Another one of his platforms is to get rid of the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) in county facilities.
"There had to be somebody running for mayor that stands up for freedom of choice," he said. "The first goal I want to do is eliminate any medical discrimination regarding vaccinations at our publicly paid facilities and with our administration staff."
His many years in dealing with the system and his skills from being a business owner and engineer are what he believes are his biggest strengths.
The election will be held on Monday (Oct.18).