The September 2022 report from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers shows an increase in combine sales in Canada and the U.S.

The report which came out on Tuesdays shows growth in the majority of segments in Canada led to the first 2-month growth streak of the year. 

Overall, tractor sales were down 0.9 per cent, with 4WD units leading sales up 64.3 percent year-on-year. 

2WD unit sales fell 1.6 percent, due to a 13.1 percent decline in the sub-40hp segment. 

According to the report, both mid-range (+12.5 percent) and 100+ hp units (+41.1 percent) were positive. 

Meantime, combine sales  harvesters are only 1 unit off their pace this time last year, currently at 1,241 units sold.

AEM's Canadian report is available here.

AEM's U.S. report is available here.