There could be a cap on vehicle noise later this year in Fort Saskatchewan. 

An amendment to the traffic bylaw could add limitations for vehicle noise that would be enforced by measuring decibels. 

Under the proposed new bylaw, Idle vehicles will be expected to stay under 92 decibels while moving vehicles will have to stay under 96. 

Fines for vehicles that go above those limits will start at $250. People who don't comply with sound meter tests will be subject to a $500 fine. 

Coreen Rayner, director of protective services in Fort Saskatchewan, hopes the amendment can help reduce vehicle noise in the community. 

"Vehicle noise has been a concern with many of our residents," said Rayner. "Council was looking for ways that we can effectively enforce vehicle noise in our community." 

The city is currently looking at purchasing sound meters that will run about $2,000 each. Rayner says the city took inspiration from other Albertan municipalities on how to implement these changes.

"Spruce Grove recently passed a similar bylaw as well as Red Deer, so we did follow along with keeping those regulations similar in our region," said Rayner. "We've consulted with the Edmonton Police Service in taking what the tools are that they use to deal with vehicle noise." 

There will be a bit of a grace period if the amendment makes its way through the council, allowing people to get a handle on what to expect. 

"We will be having an educational period before we start issuing fines," said Rayner. "We will also be conducting some educational events where people can come and have their vehicle's sound level checked without a fine just to take a look at where they are within our decibel readings." 

The amendment will go back to council on December 13 for a second, and possibly third, reading.