Mojow Autonomous Solutions will benefit from a $419 thousand dollar investment for digitization in farming under the Canadian Agricultural Partnerships AgriScience program. 

Co-founder and President Owen Kinch says they focus on digital technology for agriculture and the money will help in their development of an autonomous navigation controller to be used in agriculture.

He says it's helping build those prototypes, go out into the field in the summertime, and collect the specific data that we require to build the the deep learning models that we need to develop for for our specific broadacre applications.

"So the continuous intake of real time image data from the peripherals of a tractor, for example. It allows the module Navigation Controller to gain a high level of relative position accuracy between the tractor and any other physical object encountered within its working environment. So, really what it does is it reacts to a changing work environment, much like human operators do today while they're in the cab."

One of the greatest challenges facing farmers today is the availability of skilled labor to execute time sensitive operations that impact farming outcomes. 

Kinch says autonomy offers a safe and productive alternative to address that challenge head on.

"Our mission is to streamline on farm operations through innovative digital technologies AI and robotics."

Mojow Autonomous Solutions says the  AI Data Recording Kit (EYEBOX) is a small, rugged, sensor suite that contains multiple cameras, as well as GPS, combined with a powerful computer unit for real-time processing of collected data. 
Kinch says rather than employees processing data, the Eye-Box will work automatically and allow farmers and employees to focus on other daily tasks.

A recent twitter post shows Mojow Autonomous Solutions Inc. has 2,000 acres of land rolling (Autonomously) scheduled across four separate farms during the spring of 2022.

Kinch is hoping to have a prototype at the Ag in Motion event in July.

Mojow Autonomous Solutions is located out of Edmonton, with the corporate headquarters in White City.