Fort Saskatchewan city council will be making a decision on whether or not to explore the possibility of building a bike skills park in the community. 

On November 8, councillor Lisa Makin will present a motion to ask for $70,000 from the Financial Stabilization & Contingency Reserve to support an investigation into the feasibility of building the park. 

"Over the past couple of years, I've been hearing quite a bit of feedback from residents saying that a bike skill park would be a great addition to the community," said Makin. "We have a fantastic trail system that is really well maintained, and we have a great user group of community members who come out and take care of it." 

Biking has become more popular in Fort Saskatchewan since the pandemic hit in 2020. Makin hopes that the addition of a skills park will help people get out and about in the community more. 

"A concern for our youth is things for them to get out and do in Fort Saskatchewan," said Makin. "I've heard a lot of feedback from teenagers that this would be a great option and it would get utilized quite a bit." 

One might assume that this might be a park meant for older kids interested in things like BMX racing, but Makin assures that this is a park intended to be enjoyed by everyone. 

"This is a total recreational park for people of all ages to come out and get outside," said Makin. "It's for anyone from a three-year-old on a glider bike to a senior who is an avid biker." 

The park would not include any concrete areas, making it a bit safer for those who are new to biking. 

"Think dirt paths and wooden contraptions to show a variety of different skill levels," said Makin. "What it could have is different trails, bumps, turns, and bridges." 

If Makin's motion is approved by the council, they will immediately set out at figuring out the details of a potential park. 

"The $70,000 would be towards all of the background work," said Makin. "They will research where it goes, what different level of skills it will include, and what it could look like." 

"When it comes back by the end of next year, we will have what it will cost to build, the ideal location, and the ongoing operating cost to the city should we decide to do it." 

The Fort Sask Trail Alliance has submitted a letter of support for the project. 

Residents that want to voice their opinion either for or against the park can submit comments to