Do you know everything that can go into Fort Saskatchewan's green organics carts? 

There are plenty of benefits to using organic carts for waste pickup. Not only does it help keep waste from landfills, but it helps keep your black garbage cart from filling up.

There are plenty of items that one might think go to either the garbage or recycling that are actually meant to go into the organic carts.

Here is a list of five things you wouldn't expect that go in the organics bin.

5. Cat Litter    

Believe it or not, cat litter is considered an organic material. However, if you plan to put litter in the organics, make sure it's in either compostable or paper bags. Plastic isn't accepted in the green carts.

4. Tissue Paper

Despite paper being typically associated with recycling, you can throw your used tissues in with the organics. This also applies to paper towel and even shredded paper.

3. Pizza Boxes

While most cardboard is safe for recycling, the grease stains on a pizza box classify it as soiled paper. Therefore, pizza boxes are one of the few cardboard containers that can be thrown into organics.

2. Dryer Lint

While most have a convenient garbage bin located nearby their dryers, the lint can actually be thrown in with the compost. 

1. Twigs

Most people don't even consider throwing their twigs in the garbage or recycling, let alone the compost. However, twigs and other yard waste are perfectly acceptable to put in the green bin.

For more information on where to put your waste, you can visit the City of Fort Saskatchewan's website here.