A teenager is recovering at home after being hit by a car on Saturday (Oct.23). 
Just after 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, Strathcona County Emergency Services were called to a collision involving a car and pedestrian at the intersection of Sherwood Drive and Jim Common Drive. 
Courtney Klinger and her husband were at the Ardrossan Arena with their other daughter when they received a call from a police officer about their 13-year-old daughter, Kenzie. 
“We live about two blocks from the Circle K, and so she was walking to get a Slurpee and some snacks like she’s done 1,000 times before,” Klinger described. 
According to Klinger, Kenzie was in the crosswalk on the walk sign when a car turning left hit her, sending her over the car’s windshield and landing about 30 feet away. 
Kenzie was knocked unconscious. Two men were nearby and helped secure the intersection, stabilise her neck and provide aid while waiting for EMS to arrive. She was sent to the Stollery at the University of Alberta Hospital, where she underwent several scans and tests.  
“Thankfully, the only injuries she came away with is she has a severe concussion. Lots of bruises, scrapes, cuts, and then her left knee is severely damaged,” explained Klinger. 
Klinger wanted to thank EMS and the Stollery for being so quick and “never skipping a beat,” but most notably wanted to give a shout-out to Derek Johnston and Ken Harling, the two men who stopped to help Kenzie on Saturday. 
“They’re coming on Wednesday, actually, to see Kenzie and shower her with gifts,” said Klinger. 
Kenzie’s physical recovery is expected to take about 6-8 weeks.
Klinger added that police are still investigating the crash, however, she said the driver of the car remained at the intersection and is cooperating with the investigation.