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  • 2014 07 23 flaring

    Great ball of fire nothing to worry about at Dow Chemical

    Those in the Fort area may have seen some plumes of flame coming from the Dow Chemical plant Tuesday.Dow assure everyone there's nothing to worry about.What you saw is called flaring.Shawna Bruce, Public Affairs Manager with Dow Chemical, explained that flaring is a safety measure involving a controlled combustion of industrial gasses to prevent them from ac...

  • Support Our Troops plates now available

    Albertans can now order their Support Our Troops license plates starting today. Unveiled at Kdays this week, the new plate depicts a yellow ribbon and artwork titled ‘Fallen Comrades ...

  • Fort Medium Industrial Sector about to get major boost

    Fort Saskatchewan will be welcoming a new medium industrial company to the city.Cofely Fabricom from Belgium is setting up shop in Fort Saskatchewan.Mayor Gale Katchur has been a major ...

  • Veteran's Way sees midnight truck fire

    A semi truck burned on Highway 15 in Fort Saskatchewan on Tuesday night. Photo submitted by Danielle Gerling-GoereeAnother truck burned in Fort Saskatchewan on Tuesday night. Deputy Ch ...

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